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Ribbon Cutting: iHi Administrative Offices

On Thursday, March 29, 2018 iHi International, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable international people, or VIPs, celebrated its newly donated administrative office space with a ribbon cutting and open house.

Left to Right: Dr. Stephen Swymer, PA Representative Alex Charlton, Chris Tabakin, Clint Wiggons and Tom Acchione of Evolution Payroll Services, Exton Regional Chamber of Commerce President Laurie Kerkering

iHi International teamed up with the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce to host the event, held at the Evolution Payroll Services building at 1314 West Chester Pike in West Chester. The celebration included an interactive video call to an iHi collaborative partner organization in the Middle East. iHi President and CEO Chris Tabakin and iHi Board Member, Dr. Steve Swymer, led the live video chat to educate attendees on the organization’s collaborative partnerships and work overseas. iHi advisory board members and volunteers also shared details about their work during a recent ten-day trip to Uganda.

In addition to educating attendees about iHi’s work, the event also served as a thank you to Tom Acchione and Clint Wiggons, as well as the entire team at Evolution Payroll Services, for the company’s generous donation of space for iHi’s administrative offices. The Famous Toastery of Exton and Panera Bread of Exton donated breakfast and coffee for the event.

iHi International identifies needs and develops solutions to improve the lives of VIPs worldwide through meaningful connections, capacity building and aid. Some of iHi’s empowerment regions include Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Iraq, Eastern Europe, and Jamaica. From volunteer trips to provide physical therapy, medical services, and business development in Uganda to, mobility equipment provision and therapy training in Internally Displaced People camps in Iraq, to partnering with organizations like Let There Be Light International, which provides solar lighting in remote regions of the world, iHi is committed to creating sustainable support for vulnerable children and adults through a ‘network of good’.

iHi President and CEO Chris Tabakin says the donation of administrative space by Evolution Payroll Services will greatly help the organization and its volunteers empower even more individuals. “This administrative space allows iHi to build upon the already established connections we’ve been able to utilize to provide support to VIPs,” said Tabakin. “During iHi’s recent work in Uganda, our medical and therapeutic experts saw over 300 individuals, some who traveled miles just for the chance to receive medical assessment and care. One woman, diagnosed with Polio as a child, literally crawled in to a clinic, and the look of joy on her face when she received a used wheelchair communicated it all. She had opportunities now; opportunities she never had before to be a more involved part of her community. She had crawled her entire life and suddenly gained independence.” Tabakin added, “These VIPs dream of independence. We’re just helping them make the connections to make those dreams a reality. It often are simple things we take for granted here in the US, which can be life changing to those in our project locations.”

Tabakin, along with founding board members, Rob Reid and Carl Green, created In His Image International in late 2014 out of the belief that all people of any race, creed, culture, national origin or beliefs, regardless of ability or disability, are created equally and deserve opportunities. Along now with board member Dr. Steve Swymer, a retired Great Valley School district administrator, each of the board is often active participants in the work being done overseas. iHi is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to bringing the world together to support vulnerable international people.

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